90 Days to Building My Best Physique

You might ask ‘Why’.

Well, simply because I can. And so can you. I guess.

90 Days from now I will also be turning 50. And I find it great way to celebrate that at that day I will be at one-third of my life span.

There are many variables that come into play and even more resources I draw from. I’ll expand on those in the coming days, weeks and months. And of course there needs to be a ‘before’ picture. That will have to wait another day as well.

For today I’ll end with the very modest kick-off session:

Warming up:
Goblet squat –  12 kg kettlebell 1 x 5 (sets x repetitions)
Hip bridge – 1 x 5
Unlocking the shoulders – 12 kg kettlebell, 5 rotations both directions (clockwise & counter clockwise)

And that was all!

Progress is progress.

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