Day 2: Why Small Increments Matter When Building Your Physique

Well, the answer is shockingly simple:

Because it is the natural way for any organism to grow. From the cellular level to the macro level it all happens in small increments. For good and for bad.

Heart failure usually does not happen out of the blue. There are a series of events leading to that malfunction. And even within these series there are even smaller series to be found.

The same goes for positive growth.

Loosing fat, building muscle, toning the body: small increments all the way down that result in impressive change down the road. Stress free and healthy in the most literal sense.

There is a very interesting resource named ‘One Small Step Can Change Your Life. The Kaizen Way’, by Robert Maurer. Highly recommended if you want to go this route and stay motivated all the way.

Progress is progress,

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